10+ Hilarious Grandma Gift Fails. They may not always get it right but it’s the thought that counts. Right?


#31 My Grandmother Made Me Some Scarf Thing!

#32 My Grandma Got My Brother This Card For His Birthday Because It Said He Was “Cool”.


#33 My Grandma Gave Me A Mug with a surprise in it!

#34 My Grandma Said I Could Have Her Old TV So I Could “Finally Play Some Video Games”.

#35 I Told My Grandma I Was Into Gaming. This Was My Christmas Present. Thanks, Grandma!

#36 Briefly Mentioned To My Granny That I Was Stressed About Money. She Sent Me $8  😀

#37 Thanks, Grandma, But It’s Clint…  🙂  😀

#38 My Grandma Made This For Me.

#39 My Grandma Sent Me A Birthday Present… I Think It’s Awesome! Btw I’m A 26yr Old Guy!

#40 My 12-Year-Old Niece Does Duct Tape Crafts. Her Grandma Bought This For Her Birthday.

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