12 Signs You Might Have A Crappy Boyfriend!

  1. He makes you feel guilty about enjoying your day. You cannot discuss your enjoyable weekend you had or how well you’re doing at your job. You seem like you stroll on pins and needles around him, due to the fact that he gets envious over everything. Although you aren’t boasting at all, he makes you seem like you are. He makes you feel awful about being content when he had a bad day.
  2. He insinuates like you owe him sex. Did he purchase you lunch? Do the plates? Do the laundry? Pick you up from work? He’ll utilize that information towards you. He’ll make you seem like a bad lady for keeping sex from him when he’s provided so much for you.
  3. He disillusions you. Every. Single. Damn. Time. Whenever you get thrilled about an important date or scheduled event, something always comes up. He either cancels on you or winds up having a battle with you that ruins the memory of the night. Something constantly fails with him.
  4. He doesn’t want you to be around or have other acquaintances especially other dudes, it makes him uneasy. He constantly declares that he trusts you, however he does not trust. That he understands how young boys behave or think. That he understands that they’re just being wonderful and like the’re so into you as an attempt to be into your panties.
  5. He makes you seem like you have a nasty taste for things. He chooses not to enjoy your beloved programs and pay attention to your most popular tunes– and he actively mocks them. He trashes whatever you enjoy, although he understands those things are the most cherished things in the world for you.
  6. When you casually state that you’re doing fine, he gets frustrated. However, when you kindly allude to the fact why you’re upset, he gets irritated at that, too. He does not wish to have a fully grown discussion with you to amend the issue. He simply wishes to grumble about how he provides for you and you’re still not pleased.