13 Proven Things Mentally Strong People Never, Ever Do!


I think almost all of us are on a continuous, life-long journey to find our best selves. Some days, we feel like the world is our feet, and other days, nothing seems to go right. It’s easy to feel lost, and like everybody else seems to have better luck in life.

But if you ask us, the most important ingredient in finding your way in life is to just stay mentally strong, and true to who you are. Fortunately, it’s easy to be yourself when you’re relaxed and happy. The trick is standing strong and staying true to yourself when the whole world seems to want you to act like someone else.

So next time your mom nags you to settle down already, your boss asks you to cut corners, or your best friend tries to pressure you into “just one more drink,” you can just look into yourself and ask, “Is this really who I am?”


It’s not easy to stay tough in the face of external pressure, but being mentally strong is a skill anyone can develop and that you keep for a lifetime, just like riding a bike. Want to see if you already have mentally strong qualities? Scroll through below!

Mentally Strong People Don’t… Feel Sorry For Themselves

It is so, so tough to pick yourself up off the ground after a setback, but mentally strong people do it anyway.

It doesn’t matter if they get laid off or dumped. They know it feels awful for the moment, but they don’t allow themselves to grieve all the time.

That’s because they know that, at the end of the day, they ‘re actually a lot more fortunate than many people, and they trust themselves to get through the low times, no matter what.

Mentally Strong People Don’t… Worry About Things They Can’t Control

The world is a vast, complicated place where millions of things are happening that we have no control over, and mentally strong people have learned to accept that.

They follow the philosophy trying to just clean up our own patch of this world. They focus on the immediate things around them that they can control, like doing their job well and recycling their plastics.

They don’t spend time stressing over the possibility that a meteor might hit the earth at any second or about that dumb thing they said once20 years ago because it’s totally out of their control.


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