2-Year-Old Son And His Parents Recreate Famous Movie Scenes Using Cardboard Boxes

Sometimes what you need to get creative is time, a stilt of cardboard cartons and a child, who needs to be entertained. This is exactly what inspired Leon Mackie and Lilly Lang to recreate their favorite film backgrounds after moving into their new home.

A young pair with a child on their hands recently moved from Melbourne to Sydney, Australia, and got left with a lot of spare cardboard cartons. The cartons were a perfect beginning of inspiration for some astounding stuff that was about to happen.

Lilly and Leon are heartfelt cinephiles, so they didn’t make long to come up with an idea to fetch most memorable instants from their favorite movies back to life, except this time performing their 2-year-old son.

The beautiful initiative to have a quality pedigree epoch became an inspirational program designation Cardboard Box Office and a source for quite a successful weblog. The adorable pair and the little one have already re-enacted such movie classics as Alien, Jurassic Park, Castaway, and Jaws.

Leon and Lilly inform their collect every week, so be sure to stay tuned!

Game Of Thrones

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