5 Crazy Comics That Ridiculously Illustrate How Differently Dads And Moms Are Seen In Public

These days, we’re attacked with diverse messages about how to educate our kids “the right way.” It’s easy to accept advice from the media, relatives, and other parents and start to get concerned that we’re probably doing something wrong.

In part this could be happening is because grown-ups, just like kids, are over-stimulated. We’re more wired and connected, which means we’re getting more external feedback than ever before. We have easy contact to advice (good and bad) on the web, to data about how other parents are undertaking things, and to each other through social networking places.

This means we’re also more constantly comparing ourselves to others—and attaining more judgment and criticism from others as a consequence. We’re on an informative and sensitive overload, which is triggering many, many parents to feel overburdened and confused.

Chaunie Brusie, a self-employed writer and a mom of four, presents us with 5 amusing situations that highlight the differences concerning dads and moms when they go out in the community. Published by Babble, a parenting blog, the drawings show biased public views when it comes to the roles of parents. For instance, while dads can get away with scrolling through their Facebook feed while their children are at the park, moms are under the magnifying glass pretty much all the time.

Do any of these seem familiar to you?










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