Mind-Blowing! After 40 Years…Family’s Nightmare is Over

Police: Victim was killed soon after arriving in Chicago

Haakenson was 16 years of ages when he left his house in St. Paul, Minnesota, looking for a different life in a larger city in 1976, Cook County Sheriff Thomas Dart informed press reporters Wednesday.

The teen arrived in Chicago in early August and called his mother on August 5, 1976, to let her know that he had arrived fine. It would be the last time she would speak with her little boy.

Police think Gacy killed Haakenson soon after he made that telephone call to his house, perhaps that very same day.

It is unknown how Haakenson and Gacy met. Gacy was known for browsing locations around Chicago in search of males who were gay, alone or searching for work.

Gacy would entice males to his house on false pretenses, typically providing them trips, cash, drugs, alcohol or a job. He would then impair them prior to sexually attacking, torturing and finally killing them.

Authorities utilized DNA to identify victim

By the time police discovered the crawlspace in Gacy’s home in 1978, Haakenson’s body was unidentifiable. For 39 years, he was given a new identity: Victim No. 24.

In the 1970s, police could only identify victims using dental records. Cook County officials detached the jawbones from the eight unidentified Gacy victims before burying them in county graveyards, Dart said.

County officials found the bones did not offer enough data for four of the unidentified victims, and in 2011, officials unearthed the bodies to collect more DNA.

Dart said authorities collected enough DNA data on the victims and are prepared to start bringing closure to their families. Dart said he hopes more families will come forward in the nearby future so more victims can be identified.

Johnston, whose body was discovered on top of Haakenson’s, is thought to have actually been killed by Gacy on August 6, 1976, after going to a show at the Aragon Ballroom in Chicago.
Dart stated authorities think the 3rd victim, whose body was discovered listed below Haakenson’s, was killed in July or August of 1976.

Police urge individuals to come forward

When remnants were very first discovered in Gacy’s house in 1978, 8 victims were unknown. Due to advances in technology, that number has actually been reduced to 6.

John Doe No. 89 recognized

Dart stated the victims were identified due to the fact that “individuals agreed to step forward with DNA.”

Officials are now instructing individuals who had actually loved ones who went missing in Chicago during the course of that duration to come forward and send their DNA– and ideally get some answers.

“Every household is worthy of closure, without a doubt,” Dart stated.

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