BBC Dad finally clears up 9 burning questions

The BBC Dad and his family ultimately explain everything for us .

Step away from your “BBC Dad” thinkpiece.

The dad himself, Robert Kelly, posted on his personal blog Wednesday and cleared up any lingering confusion, topics, doubts or conspiracy hypothesis from the viral video interview from last week.

Kelly wrote that his family can’t handle much more interest since they have been “deluged with requests since Friday.” It seems everyone wants to get in on what should have been a fairly dull BBC interview with a Korea security expert that turned into a family affair when his children strayed into the room.

His post comes after the entire family his wife, Jung-A Kim, 4-year-old daughter Marion and 9-month-old son James sat down for a follow-up interview with the Wall street Journal Tuesday. They’ve also held a Korean press conference and a BBC follow-up since they are a family genuinely in demand.

Kelly, who says the video has “resonated with parents around the world, ” also wanted to clear up what he calls “rumors and controversies” brought up by his “family blooper.”

Kelly addressed several key points that the internet has been talking about for days. We’ve filled in what everyone has been asking even if Kelly didn’t listing the questions in his blog statement.

Wife or nanny?

Jung-A Kim is Kelly’s wife and the kids’ mother , not a nanny.

How old are these children?

His daughter and son are 4 years and 9 months old, respectively.

Why are you shoving your children?

They aren’t usually as forceful with the children, but don’t fret no one was injured or hurt. This was anything but a typical situation. His wife was trying to corral the children out of the room quickly and efficiently, while Kelly was hoping his daughter would go behind his chair and play with some playthings softly.( As we are aware none of these things happened, but good effort !)

Was he wearing gasps?

“Yes, I was wearing gasps. I choose not to stand, because I was trying to salvage the interview.”

Was it all staged?

It wasn’t staged.

What’s with the bed?

The bed covered with books was an air mattress. “Our children like to play and jump on it.”

Was the map a prop to build you appear smart?

The map is not a prop: “It was a gift and genuinely helps me learn world place names in Korean.”

What went down after the botched interview?

This did not turn into a family fight afterward. “Rather, “were in” mortified. We assumed that no television network would ever bellow me again to speak.”

What does this mean?

Don’t read into this too much. “We see this simply as a very public household blooper , nothing more.

So there you have it: BBC Dad was wearing gasps. And his family isn’t here to be fodder for your parenting, child rearing, work-life balance, mixed-race household dynamics or any other opinion piece.

The dad said it best, “We are just a regular household, and raising two young children can be a lot of work.”

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