Dog left at shelter comes with heartbreaking letter from kid who loved him

Adopting a dog is a huge undertaking. It can be a truly wonderful experience; unfortunately, some dogs and families just aren’t meant to be.

Because every dog is unique with its own background and experiences, they sometimes struggle to adjust to living with a new family.

One family knew they wanted to add a dog to their life, so they adopted Rhino Lightning.

He was a sweet dog and was loved dearly, but they quickly realized that Rhino got too excited while playing and was completely unaware of his size.

The family tried their best to help Rhino adjust to their family lifestyle, but they eventually realized that they just weren’t the right fit for him.

Instead of keeping Rhino Lightning and not being able to give him the attention and energy he deserved, they made the tough decision to give him up.

While some people might have taken their own needs over their dog’s, this family knew that Rhino Lightning could find a family who was a better fit for him. So they brought him to the Humane Society of Utah with hopes that he would find his forever home.


Humane Society of Utah

When Rhino Lightning’s owners realized that he wasn’t a great fit for their youngest children, they made the sad decision to place him up for adoption.

They thought it would be in Rhino’s best interest, a sweet 3-year-old dog, to find a family that could give him the love he deserved.

Giving him up was incredibly difficult, but they knew bringing Rhino Lightning to the shelter would be better for him in the long run.


Humane Society of Utah

The shelter was very understanding of the family’s situation, so they happily took in Rhino Lightning. The parents who dropped him off also left a notebook with him. When shelter staff opened the notebook, they were stunned by what they saw.

One of the children, who loved Rhino Lightning dearly, filled out instructions for how to care for the sweet dog.

The child wanted to make sure that Rhino Lightning’s new owners would give him the love he deserved.


Humane Society of Utah

One note said: “He is a very amazing puppy. Rhino need’s lots of attention, he loves people.”

It’s clear that the child truly loved Rhino Lightning and wanted to make sure that his new family gave him the best life possible.


Humane Society of Utah

Another page of the notebook read: “He likes sleeping under the blankets. Rhino also hates kennels. Sometimes he gets really happy & runs around you.”

The Humane Society of Utah promised the family that whoever adopted Rhino Lightning would get a photocopy of the notebook to take with them.

And just days after the shelter shared Rhino Lightning’s story, a family came forward to adopt him!


We’re so glad Rhino Lightning’s first owners were willing to help him find the right home, and we know his new owners will be a great fit especially if they follow the notebook’s guidelines.

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