Couples Cat Passes Away. 2 Weeks Later, They Find A Note Tucked Into His Brothers Collar

The hardest part about being a pet owned is coming to words with the fact that you will have to say goodbye to your pet.

It is always emotional when a pet passes away. I’m pretty sure every animal fan can agree that they wish their pet lived as long as they did, or even that they could pass away together.

Animals are an immense source of convenience and happiness in our lives, and we can only hope we’re able to give our pets as much love as possible. We can lose a pet in many ways: old age, an unexpected illness, a tragic accident, or if they heartbreakingly run away.

A couple recently had to say goodbye to their beloved cat, Bear, and they were quite obviously really sad about it.

However, they learned that they were not the only ones who were sad to assure Bear go. They had no idea that their cat had been apart of someone else’s life, and after he died, they found out that he had made a very good friend.

[ H/ T: Love Meow]