Dad Tries Paying for Abortion Until Planned Parenthood Show Mom Something.

“Planned Parenthood showed us basically a piece of tissue that they were going to remove from my uterus.”

When Laura, a single mother of two, found out she was pregnant for the third time, it seemed as though there was only one choice. The father denied that the child was his, and he was going to give Laura money for an abortion.

She had been a single mother for eight years, supporting her daughters with two jobs and only about $11,000 a year. She never received child support or welfare, and at the time, she had recently flunked out of nursing school, lost one of her jobs and would soon lose her house.

Laura knew an abortion wasn’t what she wanted for her child, but she couldn’t see how she could possibly bring another child into the life she was stuck in.

Leading up to her visit to the abortion clinic, Laura says she kept having dreams that would ultimately change her life. I know this might sound funny, she laughs, but God kept coming to me and talking to me and telling me that everything was going to be okay.”

On their first visit, the clinic workers could tell that Laura was not ready to terminate the pregnancy. She was upset and confused, and they told her to instead come back on Sunday.

With Jesus Calling in her hands, she was approached by a woman named Lynne outside of the clinic. Lynne works with a Christian pro-life organization called Heartbeat International.

Desperate for answers, Laura remembers asking Lynne, “What is He trying to tell me? What is He trying to tell me, because this isn’t right?”

After talking with Lynne, it was more clear than ever what God wanted Laura to do.

That Sunday afternoon, the struggling mom refused an abortion, and instead received help, love and support from Heartbeat International. Laura went with Lynne to the pregnancy help center, where she got the first look at her baby boy, Cash.

“It was the first time that we really saw our baby because Planned Parenthood showed us basically a piece of tissue that they were going to remove from my uterus,” Laura said. “And when I saw my baby…he actually had arms, legs, feet, hands.”

Though Laura knew that tough times were ahead, she now had the support of the staff at Heartbeat International, who assured her that they would help as she gets back on her feet.

On top of being there for Cash, they even gave Laura a brand new computer to take home so she could finish up nursing school.

“And from that point on, they’ve always been there for us…always. And still here I am! We’re able to share our story and I’m the happiest mommy in the whole wide world.”

Everyday, women like Laura find themselves in similar situations. With all odds stacked against them, abortion often seems like the only answer. But God is faithful, and he always provides for his children, even when our earthly fathers dont.

Watch Laura’s gripping testimony in the video below:

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