Dog Empathy is Far Stronger Than People…. A recent Study Suggests!

Dog Empathy Overview

You’re viewing a flick. A dog and his human companions go through a battlefield, dodging gunfire and blasts. Be sincere: you’re more worried that the dog will die, not the humans, true?

For plenty of people, it doesn’t matter the dog breeds, self-sacrificing and completely loyal dogs are a little easier to love than humans. A recent research confirms that we do undoubtedly have dog empathy or more compassion for them than other people, and the authors seek to point out why.

dog empathy

Writing in the journal Society & Animals, the team from Northeastern University Boston and the University of Colorado Boulder discovered that only children obtain more of a sensitive response under special conditions than dogs, whether they’re puppies or fully matured.

The research gathered 256 undergraduate students collectively and later presented them with fake news broadcasts of assaults on either a 1-year-old baby, a 30-year-old adult, a young puppy, or a 6-year-old dog.

No matter who the victim was, they were exposed to the business end of a baseball bat and left with numerous big-profile wounds. The theory was that the more vulnerable the target was, the more pity the subjects would display.

Dog Empathy Won!

As it turned out, the stages of empathy reported for the baby, the pup, and dog empathy were on par with one another; the adult victim was empathized with but to a minor extent.

dog empathy

“In addition, female members were considerably more empathic toward all victims than were their male counterparts,” the authors indicated in their research.

The general theory as to why we have more dog empathy than humans, according to the investigation, is that we see them as bearing the same amount of vulnerability as children; in other terms, they are incapable to defend themselves. Other studies, those that conclude we see dogs as “fur babies”, indirectly support this.

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