Maybe Your Voyage Is Not About Discovering Love, Perhaps It’s Bigger Than That!

Every now and then the world gets so lonesome and you start discerning about all the periods you got your heart torn apart and all the times you desired someone by your side. Occasionally it feels like love is just a term — a far-off notion you overhear people conversing about but you don’t really comprehend. Occasionally it feels like love isn’t in your future and while that’s something you’ll never discern for sure, you can still make the best out of your voyage.
Perhaps your voyage is not about love, maybe it’s about meaningfulness.
Perhaps it’s about discovering your hunger and following it, or possibly it’s about moving to a new town and finding another side of existence that motivates you. Perhaps it’s about finding a new interest, a new ability or new knowledge that could be the next best thing and perhaps it’s about wandering and roaming the world until you find in your existence or until you figure out what precisely you’re born to do.
Perhaps it’s not about affection, maybe it’s about creativeness.Maybe it’s about meeting a bunch of folks who motivate you to live better, to be better, to acquire something or perhaps they will edify you with their intelligence, with their experiences and the moments that changed their lives.Maybe it’s about undertaking things so you can actually listen to your feelings, so you can make decisions that are not swayed by anyone else and perhaps it’s about being moved by; your forte, your skills, your clashes and your stories. Maybe your voyage now is about your own existence.

Perhaps it’s not about connection, maybe it’s about being free.

Maybe it’s not about discovering someone to adore but letting go of all the ones you loved before. Perhaps it’s about redefining love and what it means to you or perhaps it’s about letting go of all the remnants of your sorrows so you can love with all your soul again. Perhaps for now, your voyage is about overseeing your exes and your past and centering on moving on. Perhaps the message is in moving on before discovering someone else.

Perhaps your voyage is not about discovering love and passion; maybe it’s about loving yourself. Maybe it’s about transforming yourself or maybe it’s about.

Walking away from it completely, from what you used to know, from whom you used to be and going in another path where better things lie in wait — things that make you marvel why you were so troubled about finding love when you could be discovering the world.

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