Stunning Photos! 8 Easy Steps to Transfer A Photo to Wood

Step 5 – Apply the Photo to the Wood

Now we’re getting started!

Grab that Gel Medium and apply it generously but not too thick (you’ll see it in the videos). Place your picture down on the wood and spread your card over it to get a nice smooth finish.

Step 6 – Walk Away!

Yep, you need to leave that baby overnight, stop your fiddling and go do something else.

Step 7 – Time to Start Rubbing… and Rubbing… and Rubbing

Yes, this is the portion we flew over in the second video as it can get kind of tedious. Grab a container of water (warm or cold) and a sponge/cloth. Lightly damp the paper while very softly rubbing the paper. It’s so vital as we’ve indicated on the videos to be gentle, not rubbing too hard and being patient. As you’ll see we stopped when it looked most of the way there, allow it dry and then came back and rub a little more.

What we revealed in the second video and I fully didn’t explain in the first is that you can’t get it all. As long as when it’s wet it looks decent then that’s the time to call it a day and let it dry. You’ll see this demonstrated in the second video.

Step 8 – Time to Seal the Deal

We used spray wood oil for this as it’s the best we could find in the hardware store. If we’d have been in a arts & craft store I’m certain there would have been more suitable products but the idea is that we’re sealing in the image with a nice gloss texture to remove the residue of the paper. As you’ll see at the end of the second video it worked like a charm!

That’s it! ENJOY!!   😀  🙂 

Please share!  🙂  😛  😀



Please share!  🙂  😛  😀



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