How To Create The Perfect Cozy Bed Your Pet Will Love

Learning how to knit might not be at the top of your to-do list, but it should be. It’s not just for your grandmother anymore, knitting has a wide variety of benefits beyond having something comfy to wear and something to give away at the end of the process.

1. It Gives You a Sense of Pride

Not a lot of people know how to knit. Showing off something you’ve knitted to someone who has no idea how you managed it is like showing off some sort of new magic trick.

2. It Has the Same Benefits of Meditation

Once you figure out what you’re doing, knitting can be very relaxing. Simple knitting projects are usually the same few stitches over and over, so you can zone out and use your muscle memory to get the job done.

3. It Alleviates Symptoms of Anxiety, Stress, and Depression

The rhythmic motions and sense of focus can help distract from symptoms of anxiety, depression, and stress. Just sitting still to knit reduces your heart rate and lowers your blood pressure after a few minutes.

4. It Helps Improve Motor Functions

Because knitting stimulates almost the whole brain at once, it can be used to help people with diseases like Parkinson’s improve their motor functions. It both helps improve their fine motor skills and distracts from other painful symptoms.

5. It Slows Cognitive Decline

While it’s helping improve your motor function and mood, knitting is also stimulating your brain to keep it healthy. The more you use your brain, the healthier it becomes, and the longer it lasts.

6. It Helps Prevent Arthritis and Tendonitis

Just like you have to use your brain to keep it healthy, you have to use your joints to keep them healthy as well. According to Dr. Barron, gently using your fingers builds up their cartilage, making it stronger, instead of wearing it down.

So learning to knit can be a lot of fun, and it’s not as difficult as you might think. However, there are several basic skills involved in knitting. These are the stitches and methods that you will use in every knitting project. In the case of the knit and purl stitches, they form the foundation for more advanced stitches that you’ll learn in the future.

1. Arm knitting looks really fun!




3. You’re gonna need some big merino wool yarn for this project.




5. Soooo chunky






8. Here’s some of the items you’ll need to crochet a cat bed!


9. Cut the jersey fabric into long strips that are about 3″ wide.


10. Tie the fabric strips together to make a ball of fabric yarn.


11. Tip: Use a scrap piece of yarn as a stitch marker to mark the first stitch in each round.


12. TA-DA!

You can get the full tutorial and pattern for this project here.




14. If you’d rather “arm crochet” than “arm knit” – this video can help you with that!


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