Losing Someone Isn’t Really A Loss… It Could Be A Victory in Disguise.


Losing someone is not at all times a sour loss. We have to acknowledge the fact that not everyone who comes into our lives will stay for ever.

We have to learn to let go, take our losses and move forward because tomorrow is another day and who knows what that day has in store for us or who we’ll find.

I didn’t want to lose you because at one point you meant so much to me, but then you started wandering off and gradually you vanished out of my life. For the longest time, I believed I had lost someone who couldn’t be replaced, I believed I had pushed away someone who only comes once in a lifetime.


But after a few months, I understood that losing you wasn’t, in fact, a loss. Losing you made sense. Losing you was inevitable.

I lost you because I never really had you.

Yes, physically you were there, unfortunately, mind wise you were always gone.

You were never really mine, you were constantly searching for something away from me — you were continuously thinking of someone else when you were with me.

I lost you because I would’ve lost myself if I had held on to you. So eventually I lost you to find myself.

I learned that it’s better to lose someone than hold on to the hope of them returning back, because a person who doesn’t want to lose you, would never let you drift away in the first place.

Losing you was tough, but it also felt right, and that’s the biggest irony of all when a tough decision and a right decision come together right in the middle.

Because it’s harder to try to hold on to you when you don’t care and it’s harder to keep hanging around for you when you provided me with no time or place to meet you when you’re ready.

Its harder to comprehend that out of all the decisions you had, you decided to lose me.

So you made it easier for me to think of losing you as an alternative way to find myself — another road to save myself.

And for the first time, you made me comprehend that not every person you lose is a loss and that losing can sometimes be victorious — when you lose somebody who wanted to ultimately lose you.

For the first time, you made me recognize that losing someone is at times the only way to love yourself.

For the first time, you made me appreciate that there is so much more to be discovered in losing someone who was by no means destined to stay.

Losing you was tough, but trying to hold on to you was tougher.

Losing you was a lesson in disguise but luckily not a loss.

Losing you was my favorite victory.



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