Simple Male Contraceptive Gel Proves 100% Successful In Trial Labs

A gel that is able to act as an alternative to the reversible vasectomy has been trialed in monkeys and be considered to be 100 percent successful as a long-term and reliable male contraceptive.

The product, Vasalgel, has been previously trialed in rabbits and now with the success of the trial on rhesus monkeys, researchers hope that in the future it could be a potential alternative option to vasectomy for human males. The survey is published in the open access periodical Basic and Clinical Andrology.

Vasalgel is a non-toxic and non-hormonal gel that is injected into the vas deferens, the tubes that carry sperm from the testes to the penis. The gel fills the internal cavities of the tubes and acts as a barrier to the sperm. Previous exams in rabbits have shown that the procedure is easily reversible by dissolving the gel employing ultrasound.


“Vasalgel proves real promise as an alternative to vasectomy because research in rabbits has now been shown the product to be reversible, lead writer Catherine VandeVoort, from the California National Primate Research Centre, said in a statement. Although it is possible to reverse a vasectomy, it is a technically challenging procedure and patients often have very low rates of fertility following reversal.”

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