Mom Drives Past Girl In Front Of School and What she does Next is Awesome!

The relation between a mother and his or her youngster is one of the most important connections there is. The pupils at Pendleton Elementary in South Carolina wanted to prompt adults of that belief.

A crowd of children got together and decided to take a stance after observing some disappointing behaviors from parents and grandparents dropping off and picking their kids up from school. They confirmed kids entering and exiting the car without their parents saying a word to them. No “hi,” no “bye,” no” How was your day?”

The kids decided to do something about it. They fashioned a few creative picket signs to share with every adult passing by the school, anticipating it would help their relationships with their children.

In the video below, posted on March 9, 2017, the kids chant” Kids want to talk!” and” Talk about your day!” They hold their signs high as parents drive by and grasp that they can make a transformation.

“We wanted to like, bring awareness to why we wanted parents to put down their telephones and turn down their tunes and fasten up their kid ,” McConell Burdette explains as he holds up his” It’s Talk Time” picket sign.

A schoolgirl named Tymia Willis tells, “A parent was driving in and was listening to here loud music and we displayed the sign and suddenly she tuned down her radio and said “Thank You!'”

Their picket sign messages are positively getting through to adults and helping them appreciate just how precious that small amount of time with their teens is.

To see the schoolchildren’s signs and hear what some of the parents have to say, check out the video below and SHARE this story if it builds communication with your kids too!