Not All Heroes Wear Capes… Frida The Mexican Rescue Dog Has Saved More Than 52 Lives

Not all heroes wear capes. Some are just looking for survivors of natural disasters. One of the most popular k9 dog rescue workers looking for survivors in Mexico’s devastating earthquake wears goggles, a harness, and booties — one on each of her four paws.

For a country still in mourning and counting its dead from Tuesday’s devastating earthquake, Frida the Mexican Navy rescue dog has emerged as a source of motivation and pride in the hunt for survivors.

This Labrador retriever has made global headlines following her rescue efforts in Mexico’s recent earthquakes. The local heroine, who goes by the name of Frida, is employed by the Mexican Navy (SEMAR) to conduct search and rescue missions in the event of a natural disaster.

Fridas efforts first came to light two weeks ago when an earthquake struck the Mexican state of Oaxaca. Wearing protective goggles, a khaki harness and two pairs of booties, the seven-year-old dog managed to detect the body of a Juchitan police officer and several others under the rubble.


Known for her custom-made doggy goggles and boots, the 7-year-old yellow Labrador has become a social media star, appearing on one man’s tattoo. Some posts have wildly overstated her feats. Frida’s fan base is strong on social media, where some have jokingly called for her to run for president. One suggested she replace painter Diego Rivera on the 500-peso note.

In her career, Frida has found 12 people alive beneath the rubble plus more than 40 others dead, more than any other Mexican rescue dog, the Navy said. She has put her olfactory senses to work in disasters such as an earthquake in Ecuador last year, another one in southern Mexico two weeks ago, a landslide in Guatemala in 2015 and a Mexico City gas explosion in 2013.

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