Incredibly Brave Dog Confronts Hurricane Harvey With Nothing More Then, Yes, An Entire Bag of Dog Food

As the hurricane made landfall, a mix dog breed was spotted roaming around Sinton, Texas carrying a full bag of dog food. A dog known as Otis wasn’t about to go hungry during Hurricane Harvey.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time a disaster like this hits these coastal waters. From previous disasters 42 dogs were rescued from a shelter in Louisiana – by coming to the Homewood Humane Society, there is now room at that shelter for animals displaced by Hurricane Harvey as well.

Luckily this German shepherd, golden retriever mix breed wasn’t a stray—he’d just gotten loose from his screen porch.

“I just kept yelling and yelling his name and he wasn’t around,” his caretaker Salvador Segovia told the Houston Chronicle.

Otis’ owner, Salvador Segovia, believes his dog knew where the dog food was located.

“I think Otis knew where that bag of dog food was,” Segovia told Inside Edition. “He picked it up and came home with it. It looked like he was evacuating himself and taking his provisions with him. I was so glad to see him come back home!”

Otis wasn’t the only animal on the move during the hurricane.

Resident Tiele Dockens posted this picture of dog with his food to Facebook on Saturday, where it had more than 20,000 shares.

Dockens said Otis was headed toward his home when the photo was taken. Otis’ owner said his dog made it back.

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