Schoolchildren Give Dead Class Goldfish An Epic Viking Send-Off

Freddy and Bubbles got a fitting send-offfor two little warriors.

Instead of flushing their two dead class goldfish down the pan, students at an elementary school in Scotland honored them with an epic Viking-style funeral.

Children at Papdale Primary School on the Orkney Islands capital of Kirkwall built their own longship to send their beloved animals to the mythical Norse destination ofValhalla.

The youngsters read out their memories of fishing operations, who were each only a few months age-old, before placing the pets inside one of the ship and determining it alight on a nearby watercourse.

The infants were initially upset when they heard fishing operations had died, but the Viking sendoff gave a really positive spin on the experience, teacher Corey Eddington told Mashable.

The school documented the Norse-style ceremony on its blog. As the children were studying the Vikings when fishing operations succumbed, teachers impounded on it as a learning experience.While we will miss Freddy and Bubbles, we certainly enjoyed giving them a good send off to Valhalla, the school added.