Shocking! Newlyweds Dream Shattered by Surprise “Wedding Gift” in India

Love at First Sight

Their families had introduced them, and the two had been engaged for a slightly more than a year.

Reema’s father, a garments trader, raised her from his younger brother because he wanted a daughter after his two boys, and his brother had three daughters.

The lively and beautiful girl went to a local college and finished with an Oriya language degree.

Soumya Sekhar’s parents were both college professors – his father taught zoology. He had studied computer science and worked with info-tech corporations in Mysore and Chandigarh, before joining a Japanese electronics company in Bangalore two months ago.

“They saw each other a few times before the wedding in presence of their families. They were a cheerful couple. Why would someone choose to murder him?” Soumya Sekhar’s dad, Rabindra Kumar Sahu, 57, replied.

The only sign of something amiss seems to be one mysterious call that Soumya Sekhar received when he was in Bangalore. “The call came last year,” Reema told me.

“We were chatting on the phone, and he said there was a call coming in. And I vaguely remember he placed me on hold, and afterward informed me, ‘I got an aggressive call. A guy on the line informed me not to wed.'”

He didn’t mention any more calls, and by the time the wedding happened, “we had totally forgotten about the call”.

More than 800 people attended the reception at Mr. Sahu’s house.

Two dozen investigators have interviewed more than 100 people – friends and relatives of the couple mainly – in four cities in relation to the slaying. They have scoured mobile phone logs and scanned laptops and phones belonging to the couple.

Hopes were raised when cyber sleuths found the package had been tracked online twice from a secret computer institute in Kalahandi district, some 119km away, pointing to speculation that the killer may have been observing it.

But ultimately, they discovered it was the courier company itself that had been recording the distribution.

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