Shocking! Newlyweds Dream Shattered by Surprise “Wedding Gift” in India

Crude Bomb

The only information detectives have for sure is that the package was shipped from Raipur, under a fictitious name and address.

The killer, who paid 400 rupees ($6.14; £4.35) for the shipment, had singled out the courier company carefully: there were no CCTV cameras in their center, and the package was not checked.

One of the last pictures of the couple at the reception

The package then started a 650km journey on three buses and crossed through four pairs of hands before reaching Patangarh on 20 February.

The delivery man made a trip the same evening to Soumya Sekhar’s home but returned without handing over the parcel because “he saw a huge wedding reception going on at the place”, Dilip Kumar Das, the local manager of the courier company, pointed out. Three days afterward, the man finally dropped the package at the fence.

Forensic experts are still struggling to determine how intricate the bomb was. On the face of it, detectives claimed, it turned out to be a rather simple device enclosed in jute thread which spewed white smoke after the explosion.

The lack of solid leads means that the detectives are considering several motives behind the murders.

Was it an act of a rejected or scorned lover? The detectives still have no clues, but say they are questioning why this emerging software engineer deleted his Facebook account weeks prior to his wedding and opened a fresh account.

Was the killing related to a land dispute in the Sahu family, where Soumya Sekhar was the sole heir and legitimate successor? Investigators say they need to interview more family members before arriving at any conclusions.

Did the crime have anything to do with a quarrel that Reema had in her secondary school when a classmate harassed her and her parents had to file a grievance report with the administrator? It sounds extremely improbable because the event took place nearly six years ago.

Also, how was the sender of the explosive device able to get his hands on a bomb and pack and deliver it to the victim so effortlessly? Was it a work of a hitman? “This is a fiendishly complex case,” Balangir’s senior law enforcement official Sashi Bhusan Satpathy said. “This was the job of a rather knowledgeable person well-versed in the crafts of explosive-making.”

Reema is still in a clinic, and her misfortune has turned into a scene on Monday when a family member pulled out his mobile phone and recorded her breaking down after she learned that her spouse had been murdered in the bomb explosion. For practically three weeks, her family hadn’t broken the news to her. Now, she was weeping inconsolably.

“You lied to me, you didn’t tell me the truth,” she sobbed at her father, as he broke down. By the evening, the video of this private time of sorrow was playing on local TV.
“We thought maybe this would push the government to step up the investigation and capture the criminal soon,” her father replied.

“That’s all we require.”

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