Teen Boy Saves Cops Life After Hearing Loud Boom Outside, But Ellen Knows More Than He Thinks

In 2014, Officer Mark Kimsey was responding to a call in South Philadelphia when a pickup truck ran a red light and collided with his squad car. The impact knocked him out and trapped him in his car as it caught on fire.

Meanwhile, a visiting high school student named Joe Chambers heard a loud boom. He rushed outside and realized it was actually the sound of a car bursting into flames.

At the time, Joe was 17 years old and already a volunteer firefighter with Leedom Fire Company in Delaware County, Pennsylvania. Joe realized it was a police car and acted without hesitation. You could say it was fate that put him in the right place at the right time.

Joe realized the car door was slammed and dented. Officer Kimsey, who had suffered head trauma, was too out of it to realize he was in serious danger. Nor could he feel his legs.

Thats when Joe proceeded to drag the officer through the window before the car was completely enveloped in flames just 30 seconds later. Officer Kimsey says he would not be alive today if it werent for this heroic teen.

In the video below, Ellen has a few surprises for Joe and Officer Kimsey. But she was surprised to learn that Joes fire and rescue training wasnt the main motivation behind his selfless brave deed.

Watch the video below to see why Joe did what he did on that fateful evening, and how Ellen planned a surprise for himafter learning more about Joe than he and his family expected.

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