Top 12 Signs You Might Have A Shitty Boyfriend!

7. He can go on for days without texting you. If you’re not the one to start of the day with an early morning hello, then he won’t even go through the trouble to call you. It does not even cross his mind. He’ll come up with some lame excuse like “I lost my cellphone”, “The battery went dead.”

8. He chews you out all the time. Even when you haven’t done anything wrong, it’s still your fault. If he took an incorrect turn in the vehicle, he blames you. If the DVR didn’t tape-record his favorite program, he blames you. If he lost his job, he blames you. If he failed his mid-term, it’s your damn fault girl. You get it, your his punching bag!

9. It does not appear like he’s so excited or cares whether he sees you. You’re constantly the one producing strategies. You’re constantly the one reorganizing your schedule to make time for him. He’ll softly babble or mumble that he misses you– however that’s the most effort he’ll put into it.

10. He never ever responds to your inquiries without arguing. Even if you ask him something so basic, he makes a huge scene out of it. You never ever get a straight response from him.

11. He puts down all the important individuals in your life. Your mom and dad. Your friends. Your brothers or sisters. He belittles them to deceive you into thinking he’s much better than them. That he’s the only individual you long for.

12. He makes you feel uneasy. He presents you with enough headaches. Stomachaches. Even if you’re in a great attitude when you initially see him, you’re in a bad frame of mind by the time you leave.

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