Twins Reaction Towards Pomeranian Playing for the 1st Time Will Make You Laugh – Priceless!

Generally, there’s no comparison to a baby’s laughter. Simply no matter how much you try to stop yourself from laughing with them, their laugh is simply contagious.

If you are ever in a negative feeling, go and watch a baby video. It will surely lift your spirits! The internet is stuffed with them, but this one here might just take the cake! Wait until you see this adorable video!

This clip features a pair of twins who just can’t stop laughing at their Pomeranian. The dog is in the playpen with the babies who are propped up against the side to get the best view of their dog. The moment this dog’s owner revealed some treats, the dog jumped up to get them while still in the playpen.

This is all the incentive these babies needed to have an enjoyable time. They gusted out laughing at the expense of the little dog, but the Pom doesn’t seem to mind it in the least! Actually, the dog doesn’t appear to take note of the twins at all. He’s got all eyes on that treat.

These twins are laughing so hard they seem to be crying. They appear too little to laugh right up until they cry, but there is simply something about this little dog that drives them into hysterical laughter. Even mom is chuckling in the background while giving the dog the treats. They are all having fun!

Watch this adorable video below! If this puts a charming smile on your face? Let us know if you enjoyed it via your comments!

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