Two Pups Took Engagement Pics And The Cuteness Is Off The Charts

Spring is here and puppy love is in the air for this canine couple.

Luna (left) and Sebastian (right) are a fashion-forward pup couple. 

In March, Luna, a Pomeranian, and Sebastian, a French bulldog, of the Instagram account @SebastianLovesLuna, posed for some paws-itively precious engagement pics around Washington D.C.

Kisses beneath the cherry blossoms of D.C.

Sebastian and Luna’s owner, Emily Abril, who used to be a portrait photographer, got behind the lens for the shoot.

I’ve always described them as an old married couple, Abril told The Huffington Post. One minute they are licking each others faces, the next minute they are barking and chasing after each other and then they’re napping.

Luna going in for a kiss at CityCenterDC. 

But it wasn’t love at first sight for the pup pair.

Luna came a month prior and ruled the house, Abril said. Now, they balance each other out. They are playful and loving.

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