We Built Tiny Houses For Homeless Cats In Riga To Help Them Survive Winter

In our last article, we told you about our photo projects documenting the secret lives of street cats in Riga. But when the weather gets colder, we worry about the cat we see around our neighborhood.

There is a possibility pets whose owners left them outside, or they could be homeless cats, who are afraid of people or who have been lost or abandoned. No matter how resourceful these outdoor cats are, they need help surviving winter. Every day we receive a cry for help, looking for a temporary or permanent home for abandoned and homeless cats. That is why we created research projects: Outdoor Cat Houses.

These safe and inventive structures offer cats refuge and protection from the bad weather and outside world. All the houses are built by a native Latvian master, utilizing donations made to our non-profit cat protector organization Cat Care Community. The native Latvian Facebook blog Es Esmu Kakis is also helping to bring this project to life.

Now the outdoor cats have a safe haven in which to expend the cold winter nights. Usually, each home is situated next to an apartment house. It is designed for four or five cats, built from timbers with internal insulation, sturdy with two exits. The first cat home was built last year for one district in Riga. Now there were more than 80 homes built for outdoor cats in Riga all around the city.

We wanted to build a nice structure where cats could expend the time, and that would keep them warm and dry at night. Providing such a shelter is a great way to keep cats safe and help stimulate the area tidier. We hope that this route, people throughout the area will think to care for and sterilize the outdoor cats.